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Operation Rainbow is a charitable organization which provides free medical and surgical care to children in the developing world. The goal is to teach local doctors newer and safer medical techniques so they can provide better care for their communities. SOMA Orthopedics is an active contributor to Operation Rainbow including a part of our profits and individual volunteering by our physicians and staff.
July 6, 20008:

The recent mission to Manta, Ecuador in June 2008 was an overwhelming success. We received great cooperation from our hosts including the use of 3 operating rooms. We evaluated over 200 children and chose representative teaching cases. Our three surgeons performed more than 60 surgeries with the local surgeons, to teach them modern techniques in orthopedic surgery. Our physical therapists, from Potrero PT, Mission District PT and CPMC were very active in teaching the local therapists.

We left the mission feeling a great sense of satisfaction, both as teachers and as ambassadors of our country. Follow the link for pictures.